Ripple 1
A reskin of 1-1, but some parts are trickier. The shards are in the same location, but the third shard has some large differences.

After jumping over the Ghost Knight, grab fire from the Bobo. The extra jumps I do in between the two Scarfies is my preferred strat for affecting the fire's spacing before grabbing Shard 1. Inhale the Ghost Knight right afterwards, but don't swallow just yet. Instead, swallow during the miniboss fight. The Sawyer doesn't become vulnerable until after it's visible for about a second, so swallowing while waiting saves a little bit of time. Shard 2 spawns after defeating it.

These shotzos have the same pattern as in 1-1, but since we don't have fire, we actually have to dodge the shots. I like to jump over the first one and get underneath the second one, making sure not to lose any horizontal speed. It's safest to jump behind the Poppy Bros. because he throws three bombs, unlike his 1-1 counterpart. The gordo powerup is required for getting Shard 3. In the video, the gordo is exploded on the Scarfy, but you can also do it manually. Hopping out of the water feels awkward, but it's faster than floating out. At the end of the level, remove the powerup.