Pop 2
A level where lots of single fire is required and some RNG comes into play.

In the powerless section before getting fire, there are a few options of how to get around the Poppy Bros. and how to inhale the Bobo. The video on the left shows the fastest way to do both, while the one on the right shows safer strats. For the Poppy Bros. enemy, it's better to just play it safe. The fast fire strat is awkward at first, but not really that precise.

After single firing all the way across the rest of the first room, climb the platforms in the second room. Doing a fire on the ground and jumping into the first platform is faster, but getting the spacing right is tricky. In the next room, forget about Waddle Dee and drop into the abyss for Shard 1 (middle). My visual cue for starting the fire is when Kirby tumbles into his nosedive animation.

The Bouncy miniboss drops Shard 2 in the middle of the room, so graze over it with single fire and do three fires from the other side. The visual cue for the right height is one of the platforms in the background, but this trick is really generous to begin with. The puff after the first fire is optional, and it's even possible to get two hits before hitting the ground with this strat.

Adeleine first draws five enemies in a row. Kill each of them quickly, but make sure the fifth one is done as early as possible. When she draws the Ice Dragon, stand on its right. If it doesn't turn around, it'll jump across the screen (top-right). Otherwise, it'll drop an ice cube (bottom-left). Dark Matter and Adeleine after are straightforward (bottom-right), though the former has two patterns that behave similarly to the Ice Dragon. Grab Shard 3 in the same way as in the previous level. In between phases, Adeleine can randomly wave her paintbrush, delaying her next drawing.