KatAM 100% Guide » Introduction
Hey, I'm swordsmankirby, and this is my guide for speedrunning the 100% category in Amazing Mirror. This tutorial is presented in a similar style as my Kirby 64 one where sections are presented in a more static form (as opposed to a video with voiceover). Right now, the guide consists of just links to videos but over time, I'll update them with more complete info, like specific strats and which chests you open in each segment.

Amazing Mirror is a Metroidvania game, so roughly speaking the 100% run achieves full map completion. In particular, it consists of the following:

  • visiting every room,
  • opening every chest,
  • unlocking every shortcut, and
  • beating the game (duh!).

The existing speedrun routes for accomplishing these tasks are divided up into 30-35 segments, which are defined to be parts of the run that start in the home screen, visit some other rooms, and return to the home screen (e.g. via soft-resetting or calling the warpstar). The map has several dead ends and one-way doors, so having so many of these segments is necessary.

The route presented here, which is used in my personal best of 1:07:47, attempts to group these segments together thematically, either by the ability used throughout, or by the area being visited. The original aim was to rearrange my actual route at the time into something more presentable for a marathon run, where viewers won't be familiar with the game. After having the opportunity to perform this run for a few marathons, I realized that this reorganized route was much easier to memorize, and hopefully it's easier for someone new to the game to learn as well.