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Ripple 3
The enemy rush level. There are five rooms with enemies that spawn in waves, and some rooms in between. Below, I've described the strategies for the five enemy rooms. For the remaining rooms, good movement just means avoiding slopes (in between steps of a staircase) and headbutting enemies. One thing to keep in mind for this level is that the jump mechanics change when holding the lightsaber.
Enemies here don't move around. The lightsaber can also be swung, but I find it more consistent to just turn around. Remember to get Shard 1 after killing the two stone enemies.
The enemies in the second room can move around, but if they're hit before they land they won't get a chance to. The Bouncys can be headbutted as in the clip on the right, but some people choose to use the lightsaber as the headbutt timing is probably the tightest out of the transition rooms.
This room is tricky because of the different parts to it. The Bouncy enemy that spawns (second one in the left group) doesn't fall immediately, so you have to jump higher to reach it. Throw your powerup into the Kapar enemy. For some reason, it takes awhile to remove your powerup if the lightsaber is active, but pressing down makes it disappear. Afterwards, combine for the bow, get Shard 2, and combine for lightsaber on the remaining two enemies on the right.

The next transition room has some easy headbutt targets, but a really safe strat is to take out the lightsaber and just run forward.
Each triplet can be taken out by just swinging the lightsaber. The two Flora enemies in the first wave can move left or right, so adjust accordingly. While there are probably some real-time damage boost strats for the Gordos, it's much easier to just run on top of the blocks.
The hardest room of them all. The same idea applies, except each wave has its own timing. The three Bronto Burts bob up and down, the Pterans fly to the left, and so on. The most consistent thing I've found for getting the Bronto Burts in one go is to swing while moving from right to left. For all the other waves, move from left to right. Note that I stand farther left for the Pteran wave to catch the leftmost Pteran. Grab Shard 3 at the end and hop over the N-Zs in the next room to the exit.
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